01/11/2019- There’s a push to get more Menominee County pet owners to register their dogs. While it is a state mandate, according to County Treasurer Diane Lesperance, the county has seen dog license sales steeply decline over the past several years. Dog owners used to typically purchase their annual licenses when they visited their municipal treasurers’ offices to pay their property tax bill, but Lesperance says with the rising popularity of online payments, many residents are forgetting about or neglecting the license requirement. The county hopes a new effort to expand the number of sites where these tags are available will encourage more owners to participate.
Last year, only around 450 dogs were registered in Menominee County. Licenses are $10 each and that fee increases to $20 after February 28th. Lesperance says dog owners who fail to purchase a license could face a fine if their pet is found to be without these tags. Owners should bring a copy of their dog’s current rabies vaccination certificate with them when registering.