09/26/2018- Menominee County’s budget is in place for next year, but it’s met with some considerable objection. The County’s Board of Commissioners reviewed the document Tuesday night and both commissioners and the public took advantage of the opportunity to voice their concerns about some of the funding appropriations. The 2018/2019 budget does not include money for a grant match for CASA of Menominee County and program Executive Director Teresa Boscarino says that decision could have a serious impact on their services.
Commissioner John Nelson voted against the budget’s approval. He says he’s concerned about the direction the county’s finances are headed and that the county may not be separating their needs from their wants.
However, County Administrator Jason Carviou says overall, Menominee County’s finances are in fair shape, despite stagnant revenues and an increase in unfunded mandates from the state.
Menominee County’s operating budget for 2018/2019 sits at just over $9-million. The budget was approved 6-2.