06/27/2019- Menominee County Prosecutor Jeffrey Rogg is asking the County Board to let him hire some lawyers on a contract basis to help dig into a 500-case backlog. Rogg has been working alone since former prosecutor William Merkle retired in April, and Rogg moved up from assistant prosecutor. He is hiring a law school graduate in August to fill an entry-level position recently authorized for the office, but has had only a couple of applications for the assistant prosecutor position. While he has been able to keep up with the new police reports by working evenings and weekends, the backlog remains.
Rogg has been in contact with two attorneys in the UP who may be interested in working on a contract basis to help get into the old cases. The board decided they will consider the request at their next meeting when Rogg and County Administrator Jason Cariviou will come up with a dollar figure.