05/14/2020- No citations or arrests for violations of Michigan’s Stay Home, Stay Safe orders have been issued in Menominee County and Sheriff Kenny Marks says it’s likely to stay that way. The Sheriff updated Menominee County’s Board of Commissioners on his approach to the executive orders this week and reiterated that he operates as a “constitutional sheriff” and believes the Governor’s orders may be infringing upon residents’ civil liberties. Sheriff Marks says he has received complaints about people and businesses in non-compliance, but resolutions to these incidents are more likely to involve educating the public and finding safe, reasonable solutions than they are handing out fines.
Marks went on to say he will not enforce the executive orders on a church nor will he shut down a business that continues to operate during the lockdown, but, he warns, that doesn’t mean there’s no risk to this type of activity.
Marks did applaud residents who are voluntarily complying with the stay home orders, but, like many others, says he is concerned about the economic impact the EOs will have on the Upper Peninsula.