Sergeant Tina Nast with the Menominee County Sheriff’s Office spends most of her time on- and off- duty with her partner, so she was quick to notice when something with him wasn’t quite right. She’s a K9 handler and says it was about two months ago when K9 Avery began limping and favoring one of his back legs. After several tests, local veterinarians were unable to pinpoint a specific cause of Avery’s issues and he was referred to a specialist in Madison, where it was found he has a cruciate tear in his hind leg, which will require surgery. Avery is a single-purpose K9 trained in detecting narcotics and other illegal drugs and he’s naturally very active. Sgt. Nast says these symptoms have taken a devastating toll on his quality of life.
The pair have been working together for seven years. Like most pet owners will know, the bond formed between the two in that time is profound and Sgt. Nast says Avery’s pain impacts her, as well.
While the veterinary services Avery received locally were provided at no cost, the charges for visiting a specialist and ongoing care are expected to be steep. The Menominee County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit is entirely community-funded and Sgt. Nast has created a GoFundMe to help offset some of these additional expenses. That page can be found by searching “K9 Avery” on the GoFundMe website.