The Menominee Judicial and Legislative Committee is recommending changes to the proposed Zoning Ordinance which would designate where marijuana related businesses would be allowed in the city.  The issue was sent back to committee after last month’s city council meeting when some concerns were raised, including whether the city was requiring too much red tape for potential business, and whether the ordinance would allow marijuana establishments too close to residential areas.   The committee is recommending that marijuana establishments not be allowed in D-1 development zones.  Many of these are located adjacent to residential areas.  The city has been looking at eliminating the D-1 zone, anyway.  The committee also is recommending special use permits not to be required for uses such as growers, processors, and transporters in M1 or M2 industrial zones, and to allow marijuana retail businesses in C1 commercial areas without needing a special use permit.  The committee is recommending the retail businesses be allowed in the M1 and M2 industrial areas, and in C2  retail areas, including First Street, but requiring a special use permit to locate in those areas.  The recommendation will go to the full city council later this month.