06/27/2019- Recreational pot sales will not be permitted in Menominee, at least for now. The City Council voted Wednesday to approve an ordinance opting out of recreational marijuana sales and establishments. Several representatives with the Health Youth Coalition spoke during a public hearing on the proposal and Cindy Grabowski says allowing pot sales would make the drug more accessible to youth in the community and she doesn’t believe potential tax revenue from the sales would offset the costs resulting from the outcomes of legalizing recreational pot.
Menominee resident Joe Stone argues allowing sales would actually create a more secure, regulated process. He says a city ordinance banning the sale could ultimately result in the matter going to public vote.
Menominee and many others across Michigan continue to wait for the state to release their guidelines outlining a municipality’s rights and responsibilities as they pertain to retail licensing and oversight. Council member Josh Jones says the city’s decision to opt out doesn’t have to be permanent, but it does buy them more time.
The ordinance banning the sale of recreational marijuana in Menominee passed on a 7-1 vote. To date, around 600 other municipalities in Michigan have also opted out.