Casey Hoffman, is first a Lawyer from Menominee. Who is a Republican Candidate running for the 108th district to replace term limited Representative Beau LaFave. Hoffman says, “you need to be too busy solving problems, instead of fighting all the time.”


Hoffman says, “it’s not as though I’m not the most conservative candidate. I’m a pro-life Christian. I’m a lawyer with a concealed carry permit who believes in the second amendment.”

Hoffman states that if he were to claim victory, the single issue he would prioritize would be the elimination of state income taxes. He says there are nine states currently without state income tax and he would like to make Michigan the tenth. It would signify a change in industry and where to move. Hoffman says, “if we want businesses and young people back in the State of Michigan, we need to try something drastic, something big, something new.”

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