10/09/2019- Menominee officials were talking trash again last night. The City’s Public Safety/ Public Works Committee reviewed bids for garbage collection from Waste Management, the City’s current provider, and Great American Disposal. Waste Management only submitted a bid for a rolling cart collection system, which was met with some pushback from residents who said they would struggle to get the carts to the curbside, especially during the winter months. The cost for that service would be about $520000 annually, while GAD offered to collect bagged garbage for $380000 per year or $559000 for the auto cart method. The GAD bids included weekly curbside recycling collection and twice yearly bulk item collection and the company also told the city they would not restrict residents from placing their bagged garbage inside cans at the curbside to deter birds and other wildlife. The consensus of the committee was to go the bagged garbage collection route, but City Manager Tony Graff plans to pursue negotiations with GAD further to get a better contracted fuel rate. If ultimately approved by City Council, the 5-year agreement with GAD would go into effect March 1st.