05/21/2019- High water levels and strong wave action this past weekend have caused damage along Menominee’s Green Bay Shoreline, and City Manager Tony Graff says the city needs to look at measures to reduce future problems. Lake Michigan is currently just 16 inches below the record level set int 1986, and the level is expected to rise another 4 to 16 inches this year depending on precipitation. Graff told the city council the wave action dumped debris including 20 foot long logs and large rocks along Harbor Drive. That road to the lighthouse is closed. Graff says the DNR will be assisting with equipment to clear the area, and he hopes the road can be open by Friday. Henes Park was scheduled to be open to vehicular traffic on Monday, but that opening will be delayed until Friday while crews clean up from the storm and wet areas dry off. The wave action has also washed the sand away from Victory Beach at Marina Park, leaving debris, rocks, and damage to the parking area and sidewalks at the shore next to the Zelm building.
Graff says the city is talking to the state about getting money from funds designated for Great Lakes Coastal Water improvements and erosion control. He’s looking for up to $100,000 for engineering costs. The city plans to meet with private property owners along the bay to include them in efforts to reduce erosion.
Graff also says the plans need to include protecting the lighthouse.