12/23/2019- The Menominee Water and Wastewater utility board was told the City will need to find an additional $679,000 to fund planned road projects slated for 2021 that require water and sewer replacement underneath the road. According to Coleman Engineering, which has been working with the City on planning the road projects funded by a road millage, after work is done on streets that do not require utility work next year, there will be about $2.2 million dollars left for the 2021 projects on portions of 13th, 15th, 16th, and 17th Avenues. But the estimated cost of the road work is about $2.9 million dollars. That figure does not include $2.8 million dollars for the water and sewer work. The city plans to borrow for that work, with the average utility bill rising about $9 per quarter to cover that borrowing. The question is whether to cover the excess road construction out of water and sewer rates, or have the city bond for the road costs, which would be paid by property taxes. City manager Tony Graff says he will have additional information and a staff recommendation when the Utility Board meets in January.