On Friday, October 7th, the Honorable Christopher S. Ninomiya sentenced 33-year-old Aaron Scott Kuchinka of Menominee in the 41st Circuit Court to five years to ten years in prison for Aggravated Possession of Child Sexually Abusive Material. Kuchinka pled guilty on June 21st to two felony CSAM charges, punishable by a maximum of ten-years in prison. Menominee County Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Rogg says, “Google, like any internet service provider, has certain filters and people who monitor their content and when something untoward is discovered, that typically gets reported to law enforcement. And there is a National Center for Missing and Exploited Children which receives such notifications from internet service providers. They pass those tips along to local law enforcement where the internet service providers’ address might exist.”

Rogg says, “I am committed to making Menominee County safe. I will not allow childhood innocence to be sacrificed at the altar of adult lust.”

There are many resources available to help keep individuals safe online. The MSP ICAC Task Force provides a comprehensive list of resources on their website at michiganicac.com.