Last week, Thursday, the Honorable Mary B. Barglind, in the 41st Circuit Court sentenced Nicholas Randolph Rivard, 37, of Menominee to concurrent terms of 90 months to 40 years in prison for multiple retail sales of Methamphetamine and Fentanyl. Rivard was found guilty by a jury on October 26th, 2022 of two counts of Delivery of Methamphetamine, two counts of Delivery of Fentanyl, and Maintaining a Drug House, arising out of multiple incidents. The jury determined Rivard sold the narcotics directly to the undercover officers from Rivard’s residence, located at 2408 14th Avenue, Menominee. The officers testified at trial that Rivard warned them of the dangerousness of the drugs he was selling by stating that they should “cut the substance” and “use it in small amounts,” because he “didn’t want anyone turning purple.” Judge Barglind said during sentencing, “if your reason for doing it was to support your addiction and not make it as a business, make money, and earn a living from it, I’ll accept that. I have no reason to dispute that. That’s why you’re selling these drugs.”

Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jerry Karafa says, “I take this very seriously and so does our law enforcement.”

Rivard now has seven felony convictions, besides the eight previous misdemeanor convictions, dating back to 2007.