10/07/2020- The Menominee City Council voted to enact an ordinance to allow the licensing and regulation of marijuana establishments in the city. The council made no changes to the ordinance as reported out of the judicial and legislative committee last month. The Ordinance would allow up to 4 growers permits and processor permits under both the state of Michigan’s medical marijuana and recreational marijuana laws. The ordinance also allows the licensing of two medical marijuana provisioning centers and two marijuana retailers. It does not allow the licensing of designated consumption establishments or marijuana events. Those seeking licenses would have to apply and go through a competitive process to determine the most qualified applicants. The scoring would be done by a selection committee. The city council would have the final say on whether to grant a license. City Manager Tony Graff says the licensees would also have to receive a special use permit from the Plan Commission, which would give the public some input.

The passage of the ordinance followed a public hearing which drew participants from Marquette, Iron Mountain, and even Denver, Colorado, as well as one local group.