Water and Sewer improvements are a significant portion of the proposed Capital Improvement Budget reviewed by Menominee’s Planning Commission. The Budget looks at spending over the next six years.  City manager Tony Graff says the city, with the help of a grant, has been inventorying and assessing the water and sewer systems which will identify what portions of the sewer and water distribution system need to be replaced or upgraded.

Graff also says the budget has $1.6 million dollars to upgrade the filtration system at the city’s water plant.  The total for water improvements over the next 20 years could be $16 million dollars.

Graff says the city is looking at a new fire truck which runs $550,000.  Graff is hoping grant money will cover up to $350,000 of the cost.

Park improvements are another priority, according to Graff.  The Planning Commission is expected to act on the Capital Improvement Plan next month.

The Planning Commission did vote to recommend the updated Henes Park Master Plan be included in the city’s recreation plan, the final decision to be made by the City Council.

The Planning Commission heard a presentation from Ryan Soucy of CUPPAD on a proposal to update the city’s Master Use Plan, which acts as a guidebook for the planning commission.  It’s been seven years since the Master Use plan has been updated.   If given the approval, the work could begin in the next two months and be completed towards the end of the year.