The Menominee Board of Education met in a special meeting Monday evening to either approve or deny two bond proposals that will be put forth on to the ballot for the August 2nd election. Board President Derek Butler says, “The first ask is going to be for a 4k–3 building and that ask is going to be for $41, 545,000. The second ask is going to be for $26, 105,000 and that is going to be for moving towards a one-campus facility.”

Butler says, “it’s a big ask. But we’re either going to continue to put bandaids on an underlining problem.”

The Board unanimously approved the two bonds. However, the challenge that lays before the Menominee School Board is roughly $22 dollars a month ask; and according to Butler, if passed in August, there will be a new facility. The district will be right sized to who they are today and into the future, and from an operating cost savings perspective, it’s upwards to about $350,000 a year in savings. Information regarding the rightsizing of the district will come soon, including the details of the bond for Menominee residents.