Menominee School District Interim Superintendent Craig Allen’s first couple of weeks are behind him under his new role. Allen was selected as interim superintendent after Richard Sauru resigned September 1st. At last evening’s Committee of the Whole School Board meeting, the school board outlined what they’d like to accomplish while they have this seasoned superintendent. Allen says, “I talked a lot with Derek ahead of time and we talked prior to me coming on board with what kind of things they would want to accomplish; and really the goals correspond well with my skill sets and my experience. I feel good about the direction they are going.”

School Board President Derek Butler says, “Craig brings MAPS a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience; and he’s already jumped in with the staff, he’s been present in all of the schools, introduced himself to most of the staff, and he’s already shown that he wants to make an impact in a very short time.”

The school board will begin their search for a permanent superintendent beginning next week.