The first step in renovating the Walton Blesch Stadium was to get the approval of the Renovation Agreement by the Menominee School Board, which was obtained at this week’s school board meeting with a unanimous vote. Menominee Area Public Schools General Council Wes Hoffman says, “Blesch Foundation Group will now go into the formal planning stages and they will go into aggressive fundraising stages.”

Legacy Foundation Committee Member Casey Hoffman says, “The Walton Blesch Legacy Foundation and the Menominee Area Public Schools have reached an agreement to usher in what will be the largest public-private partnership in the history of the Menominee Area Public Schools…and now the hard work begins.”

The next steps of the renovations will be announced later. However, the planning stage will be done simultaneously with the fundraising stage and you’ll most likely see more areas roped off this football season due to safety concerns.