With Michigan beginning to grant licenses to medical marijuana businesses across the state, Menominee examines whether or not to allow the dispensaries within city limits. Robert St. Peter addressed the Public Safety/ Public Works Committee Tuesday attempting to clear up several misconceptions surrounding the use of cannabis. He says current medical marijuana cardholders must either grow their own supply or receive it from another cardholder they’ve appointed as their caregiver. The concern, he says, is that the product provided by the caregiver isn’t regulated and that exposes the recipient to a host of potential threats.
St. Peter also cited a 2016 article that estimated Michigan could net more than 60-million dollars in tax revenues annually from the sale of medical marijuana. But, Menominee Police Chief Brett Botbyl says allowing these retailers to move in isn’t the type of economic development plan Menominee wants or needs.
If approved, City Manager Tony Graff says the city could create new zoning laws to regulate the dispensaries. A more comprehensive presentation on the topic is being planned for the Public Safety/ Public Works Committee’s June meeting.