02/28/2020- It’s a good problem to have, but a problem for Menominee nonetheless- what to do with the nearly $4-million bequeathed to the city in 2019. The funds come from the Loren and Irene Klar estate, who requested only that the money be divided equally between Menominee’s Recreation Department and the Spies Public Library. The library’s portion will be used largely at the discretion of their Board of Trustees, while the Rec Department’s share will be controlled by the City Council. City Manager Tony Graff says part of that consideration will be determining if, and how much of, the funds should be invested to make the money work for the city long-term.

Council agreed they want to see a recognition of the Klars’ generosity incorporated into any capital improvements made possible by the donation. Council member Heather Nelson says the bequest is a chance to make the City known for its parks system and opportunities for families.

The council plans to examine the needs of their parks and related infrastructure and introduce some new capital improvement projects during the upcoming budget process. They say they’ll also be seeking community input on how the money should be spent.