01/21/2020- There are some changes coming for Menominee residents in trash pickup and recycling. Monday the City Council approved a contract with Great American Disposal to take over the city’s garbage pickup effective March 1st when the current contract with Waste Management expires. With Great American Disposal, resident will have the option of continuing to set their garbage out in bags, or using garbage containers. Menominee residents will also for the first time have curbside recycling. City Manager Tony Graff says this will help the city reach some goals set by the state of Michigan:
Graff says the city will be sending out information to residents detailing the changes. He also says the two hardware stores in the city will have available for sale receptacles that can be used for curbside pickup: green 32- gallon containers for trash, and blue 32- gallon containers for recycling. There will also be 14- gallon tote containers available for recycling. Graff says the city’s recycling center will remain open Until May 1st during the transition to the curbside recycling.