Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced Wednesday that favorable trends in the number of COVID cases are allowing the state lift some of the protocols that have been in place.

Starting January 16th to January 31st, indoor group fitness and exercise classes may resume with masks and indoor non-contact sports may resume.   If numbers continue to head in the right direction, her hope is resume indoor dining with strong safety measures in place on February 1st.  Mask requirements, capacity limits, and a curfew would be enforced.

Indoor dining at bars and restaurant has been suspended in Michigan since November 18th.

With Governor’s announcement, the MHSAA says Girls gymnastics, girls and boys bowling, and girls and boys swimming & diving, as “non-contact” sports may begin practicing Saturday, and may also begin competition before the end of this month

Basketball and wrestling are considered “contact” sports and may begin non-contact practices Saturday with their first competitions scheduled for Feb. 1. Because of the later start to competition schedules in those sports, the MHSAA will push back its tournament dates.