07/16/2019- A series of deer hunting regulations aimed at slowing the spread of chronic wasting disease were recently approved by the Michigan Natural Resources Commission. The action came after a thorough review of the best available science on CWD and multiple opportunities for public input. Major deer hunting regulations, include an immediate ban on baiting and feeding in the Core CWD Surveillance Area surrounding the Waucedah Township location where a CWD-positive deer was found last year. The NRC also eliminated antler point restrictions in this Core CWD Surveillance Area and will allow the use of crossbows in the late archery season in the Core Area. Additionally, the regulations require that deer collected with a salvage permit as a result of collision with a motor vehicle may not be removed from the county where the animal was killed. Chronic wasting disease first was discovered in Michigan in a free-ranging deer in May 2015. To date, CWD has been confirmed in 120 wild deer in nine Michigan counties.