11/12/2018- A new challenge facing Marinette County authorities originates outside the state. With the passage of Proposal 1 legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Michigan, Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve say his department will be stepping up their efforts to keep the drug on Michigan’s side of the border. Sauve says he’s surprised by the wide margin with which the proposal was approved in last week’s election and he’s concerned about potential impacts to public safety.
Topping that list of concerns is increased marijuana trafficking in Marinette County and the risk of people getting behind the wheel while high. Driving impaired is illegal in both Michigan and Wisconsin and Sauve says anyone caught doing so will be prosecuted.
Proposal 1 passed with a 56 to 44 percent margin Tuesday, however, the recreational use of marijuana won’t officially become legal in Michigan until ten days after the results are certified. That isn’t expected to happen until sometime next month.