10/16/2019- Plans are progressing to bring snowmobile access into the City of Marinette. The City’s Board of Public Works took up the topic Tuesday following similar discussion by other governing committees last month. As it stands now, county trails bring riders as far as the edge of the City, but Mayor Steve Genisot says he’d like see at least one or two routes travel into Marinette to allow for access to local hotels, restaurants, and retailers.
“Right now we’re one of the few communities in the county that do not have any access to anywhere in the city through a snowmobile corridor. I think it probably is something we should consider. We could try something on a trial basis.”
Genisot’s informal proposal had the snowmobile routes running down Mary Street and Cleveland Avenue, though he notes this is subject to change dependent upon further analysis and talks with surrounding property owners. City Engineer Brian Miller adds there are other agencies that will need to be brought to the table on this, as well.
“My suggestion would be to have a discussion with law enforcement, DNR, and I’d have to reach out to the DOT regarding crossing US Highway 41/ Marinette Avenue. There are a few details that need to be fleshed out to consider which are the best entry points into the city and, once you are in the city, if there are corridors that could be used by the snowmobiles.”
Marinette is one of the only communities in the county that doesn’t allow any snowmobile access during the winter. The topic is expected to come back to the Board of Public Works in the next couple of months.