The motorist who allegedly struck and killed a bicyclist on the interstate bridge in Marinette faces charges after testing positive for cocaine. 25-year-old, Alexis Clark, is charged with homicide by vehicle with use of a controlled substance and hit and run resulting in death. She is being held on at $2,500 cash bond and returns to court March 28th for a preliminary hearing and arraignment, court records show. David Fournier, 48, died because of the July 14th, 2023, crash. According to the criminal complaint, police used security camera video to track down Clark. She told police she ran over some rubbish on the road and kept going. An initial blood test was done, which showed no alcohol in her system. Results of a second blood test were returned March 1st, and showed Clark had cocaine in her system, according to the complaint. Charges were filed March 12th.  Unlike alcohol, which state law has permissible amounts of driving, there is no allowable limit for illegal drugs, such as cocaine, and can result in the homicide by vehicle for use by a controlled substance charge.