03/21/2019- The investigation continues into the death of a Yankton, South Dakota woman whose body was transported to and disposed of in Menominee Township. Authorities held a press conference Wednesday and say an autopsy on 46-year-old Tamara LaFramboise has been completed, but the results confirming exactly how and when she died are still pending. Menominee County Sheriff Kenny Marks says LaFramboise’s body was recovered from the Little River March 16th after being discovered by two children.
Local law enforcement was able to identify LaFramboise using information contained in a missing person report distributed nationwide by South Dakota authorities earlier this month. Sheriff Marks praised officers for their diligence in making a speedy identification.
The suspect in LaFramboise’s death, 45-year-old Stephen Falkenberg is a native of Menominee and still has family living in the area. He allegedly told his daughter the woman died when she hit her head after he pushed her into a wall in her apartment during an argument March 1st. Officials at Wednesday’s press conference weren’t able to speak to whether the pair had a history of domestic violence or whether authorities have identified anyone else who may have been involved in her death or disposal of the body. Falkenberg has been charged with 2nd degree murder in Yankton County and additional charges could be filed against him in Menominee County.