06/26/2020- Wisconsin’s Natural Resources Board has given the green light to the state’s DNR to begin drafting rules that would regulate the use of PFAS-containing firefighting foam. The policy board voted unanimously this week to approve the rulemaking, which was necessitated by a bill signed by Governor Tony Evers’ banning the use of this firefighting foam except in emergencies. Testing and storage of this PFAs firefighting foam will also only be allowed under specific conditions, though the bill will not require fire departments to dispose of this material. The DNR has been surveying fire departments across Wisconsin to determine how much firefighting foam that contains PFAS is being stored by these agencies. The results of that study are still being finalized and are expected to be published in July. The DNR must adopt these emergency rules by September 7th and they’ll remain in effect for three years or until the DNR can adopt permanent rules.