11/04/2019- Wausaukee is training the next generation of real-life heroes in their community. The Wausaukee Rescue Squad recently launched their Cadet Program, which invites high school students to participate in ride-alongs with their EMTs to learn the ins and outs of emergency medical service and the type of critical care these volunteer units provide. Thomas Arthur is the President of the Wausaukee Rescue Squad and says it’s part of a larger effort to bolster membership in the organization and impress upon these teens the importance of giving back.
“They’re riding right along with us in the rig. They’re helping get tools that we would need out of the rig, helping take notes, just getting that real world experience. Nationwide, this is something that’s suffering. We don’t have a lot of people going into this field, so we felt it was very important to to try target this younger audience and get them involved; show them that this is something that we, as a community, need and we, as a country, need.”
The Wausaukee Rescue Squad has partnered with NWTC to bring an EMT course to the Wausaukee High School in 2020. Thomas say whether the students enrolled in the Cadet Program stay local or leave the area post-graduation, they’re bringing with them a unique set of skills that will make them an asset to any community.
“What workplace wouldn’t want you as an employee when you come in with two years of real life work experience, hold a valid CPR, first aid, and possibly EMT license if these kids go all the way through with it? It’s giving these kids such a huge step up in the work force. This is a really good opportunity.”
In addition to the experience, cadets will earn $10 per run and the Wausaukee Rescue Squad will also make a matching donation to a scholarship fund for that student. To take part in the Cadet Program, students must be at least 16 years old and maintain a 3.0 GPA. To apply or get more information, contact the Rescue Squad office at 715-856-5035.