11/01/2019- Citizen reporting has led to the discovery of further PFAS contamination in the Town of Peshtigo. The Wisconsin DNR was alerted by residents in September of possible foam sightings, which prompted the mobilization of environmental consultants to collect and analyze samples from the Peshtigo River below the City of Peshtigo dam and a roadside ditch near the intersection of Leaf and Krause Roads. Foam from both locations showed a combined presence of PFOA and PFOS compounds at more than 17000 parts per trillion. Tyco, who has been an the center of the local PFAS contamination investigation, released a statement following the report saying, based on how water moves, their properties could not have plausibly affected the latest test locations and they believe the foam may have stemmed from other industries utilizing the compounds. The DNR says they will continue to respond to and analyze potential PFAS foam sightings, as well as investigate potential sources. PFAS contaminated foam typically has bright white coloring, is lightweight, and tends to pile up like shaving cream.