02/24/2020- Menominee will spend $27500 for a deeper study of the condition of their half of the Hattie Street Bridge. The City Council approved entering into an agreement with Ayres Associates for a pier scour evaluation as well as design for countermeasures. The study involves developing a 2D hydraulic model for the Menominee River and determining what kind of repairs may be necessary on piers 3 and 4 to maintain the structural integrity of the bridge. City Manager Tony Graff says high water levels and their impact coming from the dam have damaged the piers and the time to act is now.
Graff says there is the possibility that the City could work with the hydraulics company that operates the nearby dam to prevent these types of issues from happening again in the future, but the first step is examining the true extent of the problem.
The hydrographic survey will be completed as soon as weather permits. The hydraulic monitoring and design report is then expected to be submitted within 60 days of that survey.