05/08/2019- “It’s a building in search of a purpose.” That about sums up Marinette’s effort to develop a long-term plan for the city’s Forest Home Chapel. The Historic Preservation Commission again took up the conversation Monday. While Public Works crews have done minor maintenance work to it and the Civic Affairs, Cemetery, Traffic, and Lights Committee has also discussed its fate there’s still no real plan for the facility, which is expected to only fall further into disrepair without a purpose backed by sufficient funding. HPC Chairperson Dan Kallgren maintains he sees the most potential in renovating the building into a columbarium whose space would then become available to purchase.
There are a lot of ideas for the building’s use being tossed around, some more labor- and cost-intensive than others. HPC member Jason Flatt says it’s time to pick a plan and move forward with it.
The HPC will send an official recommendation on to Marinette’s Common Council to transform the vacant chapel building into a columbarium. The total cost of the project and where that money will ultimately come from still needs to be determined.