08/11/2020- Two regional agencies are among five projects in Northeast Wisconsin sharing more than 800-thousand-dollars in federal funding. Through the Rural Business Develop Grant program, the USDA in investing $866000 with partner organizations in the state to help rural businesses create jobs and increase economic opportunities. Included on the project list is Newcap Inc., who will use a $110000 grant to provide technical assistance, coaching and mentoring for small business owners who are either in the start-up or expansion phase of business development. Technical assistance activities will focus primarily on identifying prospective business opportunities and providing leadership training within their nine-county service area. The Oconto County Economic Development Corp was also named as a grant recipient and will put their $39000 award toward helping Oconto County businesses secure financial and non-financial business resources, focusing on Main Street businesses and Central Business Districts throughout the county. The overall investment is said to be helping 70 businesses create or save 180 jobs throughout Wisconsin.