Tomorrow is Election Day and Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has some important updates for voters. Michigan is seeing three times the amount of absentee ballots being cast this year than in 2016 and those ballots must be returned to their respective municipal clerk’s offices by 8 p.m. tomorrow to be counted. Under Michigan law, absentee ballots cannot begin to be tabulated until 7 a.m. on Election Day and Benson says the time it’ll take to tally those votes means the results of some races could take days to produce.

There’s been a fair amount of debate and concern over whether the open carry of firearms should be allowed at Michigan polling places. While the state’s Court of Appeals upheld a ruling saying open carrying at the polls is legal, both they and Benson are reminding those gun owners that brandishing a firearm there is not.

Benson says PPE like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer have been provided to election jurisdictions statewide along with protocols for adhering to social distancing guidelines. Poll workers are required to wear masks and voters are strongly encouraged to do so to help limit any potential spread of COVID-19 on Election Day.