07/23/2020- Some structures along US 41 and the interstate bridge are in need of some maintenance due to the damaging effects of winter road salt. Marinette’s City Engineer Brian Miller spoke to the Board of Public Works last week about an analysis of several street light poles installed in 2005 as part of a Wisconsin DOT reconstruction project in the downtown area which are now showing significant corrosion primarily caused by salt spray from passing vehicles. Miller says he’s identified 10 to 12 poles which need to be replaced altogether, while the life of others could be extended through scraping and paint touch-ups. Additionally, Miller explained, there are similar streetlight issues on the US 41 bridge, as well as erosion and fracturing visible on the steel railing and concrete pitting along the parapet wall. Some of that damage can be repaired with filler and repainting and will be monitored for a couple of winters. Miller is expected to bring a cost analysis of light pole replacement to the next BPW meeting, as well as provide the board with an idea of which poles may need to fast-tracked for replacement due to safety concerns.