10/09/2020- Marinette’s City Council voted this week to accept Tyco’s offer to provide $1.3 million toward the purchase of new equipment that will allow the city to dispose of PFAS-contaminated biosolids from its wastewater treatment facility. Following the discovery of PFAS compounds within their biosolids, which are believed to have originated at Tyco’s facility, the City intends to acquire a grinder, press, dryer, and storage facility for the contaminated material, which would then eventually be transferred to a landfill in Oregon or Canada. While the equipment will reduce the volume of the biosolids and make them easier to transport, it could cost the City $20000 or more annually for the new landfilling in Oregon or Canada than what it had previously cost the City to land-spread on agricultural fields and there are also anticipated to be increased costs for operating the equipment. Tyco previously contributed $3 million to the City for the testing, removal, treatment, and disposal of material from the City’s biosolids holding tanks.