Marinette’s Common Council isn’t ready to make any final decisions on how to regulate the establishment of new parking facilities in the City’s downtown just yet. Council was presented three resolutions to consider Tuesday. Two would require any planned demolition of buildings in business, mixed use, manufacturing, or institutional districts to first be approved by the City’s Plan Commission to determine if the demo was for the purpose of constructing a parking lot and whether that would be beneficial to the area. The other would prohibit off-street parking lots in residential districts, except for multifamily buildings. The amendments were drafted as part of a larger conversation attempting to prevent buildings in the downtown from being razed for the sole purpose of creating more parking, particularly with the anticipated influx of new employees at Marinette Marine. While the resolutions were intended to offer more City oversight, Alderperson Rick Polzin disagrees with when that oversight should be applied.

Alderperson Doug Oitzinger is a proponent of the new measures and says they also help clean up the parking ordinances that are on the books now, expanding where business and industry can locate their parking lots.

Ultimately, the Council voted down a motion to approve the resolution prohibiting lots in residential districts and asked for more information to be brought back on the demolition oversight topic next month.