It was a big day at Fincanteri Marinette Marine as the ship builder broke ground on the project to construct Erection Building 34. The giant 130 foot tall building, the size of two football fields will be the space where the new Constellation Class Guided Missile Frigate will be built for the U.S. Navy.  There will be space for two ships in the building.  Last April, Fincantieri Marinette Marine was award a contract to design and build the first of the Constellation Class Frigates with options for nine additional ships.  In order to build the Frigate, the shipyard needed a larger building to assemble the ships and a new ship lift to launch the ships into the Menominee River.

Dario Deste, President and CEO of Fincantieri Marine Group was on hand to express the company’s confidence in the local shipyard and team, and noted the nearly half billion dollar investment the company has made here since 2009.

As the new Frigate program ramps up, it is expected to add a thousand jobs at the Shipyard.