The 2020 growing season turned out fair for area farmers. Scott Reuss is Marinette County’s Extension Agriculture and Horticulture Agent and says soybean crops were generally good this year, particularly in the southern portion of the county where harvest yields were well above average. The corn harvest looks favorable this year, too, and is more consistent county-wide than bean crops were. Reuss says this is all welcome news to producers who were hit hard in 2019 with one of the worst harvest years on record.

Wisconsin as a whole is expected to set records for this year’s corn and soybean harvest. The USDA forecast estimates Wisconsin farmers will harvest about 539 million bushels of corn this fall, with yields averaging 186 bushels per acre, while soybean production is likely to reach an all-time high of almost 110 million bushels with yields around 55 bushels per acre.