While many things are certainly different about this year’s holiday season, the Bay Area Volunteers were able to keep a long-standing tradition intact, but with a few tweaks as you might expect. The Bay Area Love Lights program, which started in 1988, once again saw the community step up to support local cancer patients and programs. Love Lights raised more than $8000 this year to honor or remember almost 1400 people who’ve faced cancer. Money raised through the Love Lights program will be donated by the Volunteers to the Aurora Health Foundation’s Oncology fund where it will support programs and patients at the hospital, according to Love Lights Chairperson Candy Sheridan.

Normally that donation would include a big check that was formally presented to the Foundation along with a tree lighting ceremony in the hospital lobby. But because of COVID precautions there will not be a ceremony this year. Sheridan says the lights representing the loved ones people remembered or honored through their donations will be lit tonight in the front of the hospital and will remain on during the rest of December. The hundreds of names submitted with the donations will be displayed in the hospital lobby and this year will also be available through a link on our website, thebaycities.com.

The names will be available for viewing online beginning December 8 through the 31st.Since 1988 the Love Lights program has raised nearly a half a million dollars.