Marinette County residents will soon be able to get COVID-19 vaccinations through a partnership between Marinette County Public Health and a large healthcare system. County Public Health Officer Molly Bonjean told the County Board  the goal is to administer over 1200 doses a week when fully ramped up. This would vaccinate 24,000 people over 20 weeks, or 60 percent of the population.  She says some surveys show about 60 percent of the population indicate they would take the vaccine if offered.  The clinic could begin in early to mid February, and will be subject the availability of vaccine from the Federal Government.  Public Health is only allowed to order a week’s worth of vaccine at a time.

Bonjean expects a formal announcement to be made shortly by their healthcare system partner.  Appointments will be required, and will be made through the provider.  The clinic will be held in the city of Marinette.  Public Health continues to look as ways to vaccinate residents throughout the county.    There are other health care providers and pharmacies in the county that are beginning to offer their own vaccination programs.

People who have had a COVID-19 Infection are encouraged to get the vaccine.

Bonjean says while Public Health has over a decade of experience in mass flu vaccination clinics, she says she says the process in much more involved and different in areas like temperature control, documentation, and security, and that’s why it made sense to partner with a major health care system.