08/05/2020- Residents in Marinette’s easternmost neighborhood are calling for more to be done about the chronic flooding issues that are damaging roads and washing away lawns in that area. Multiple Menekaunee property owners spoke out during Tuesday’s Common Council meeting saying they’ve been asking for months for the City to step in and get the water levels East of Alimeda Street within the levee under control, but their concerns have, until very recently, received little attention. Kathy Korchack lives on Bay View Street says while the levee constructed in 1972 holds back the bay, with record rains and no drainage system there, flooding continues to occur and residents’ patience is wearing thin.

The City did recently spend four days pumping water out of the neighborhood, which residents say led to a significant improvement in conditions. A number of residents submitted a formal petition asking the City to find a permanent fix to the flooding problem. That request will be taken up by the Board of Public Works at their meeting later this month.