The Menominee City Finance Committee chose to pass along a proposal to update the city police department’s Tasers to the full city council without a recommendation. The department currently has seven Taser X-2 units and would like to upgrade to the Taser 7.  Police Chief Brett Botbyl says the newer model is more accurate and penetrates loose or heavy clothing better.  He says over the past three years, Tasers have been used in about 12 of the department’s 65 use of force incidents.  Botbyl says the current units have been having some issues.

The lease contract which bundles 7 Tasers with training and field cartridges, a warranty, and training would cost $25,000 over 5 years.  While Committee Chairman Frank Pohlman say he could support the request, other committee members had some concern with the cost and impact on future budgets.

The city council will discuss the proposal Monday night,