08/04/2020- The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board will meet virtually next week to consider proposed emergency rules relating to PFAS-containing firefighting foam. The body will hold their August board meeting Wednesday, August 12 and on the agenda for action is the adoption of new regulations prohibiting the use of Class B firefighting foam except in emergency firefighting operations or for training purposes. The rules also outline how this material should be stored, disposed of, and monitored, though the manufacturing, sale, or distribution of Class B firefighting forma will not be prohibited. While preliminary estimates for increases in testing and disposal costs for facilities with PFAS foam vary greatly between $3000 and $20000, the proposal states these expenses are anticipated to be less than the cost to clean and remediate uncontrolled discharges to the environment and related damage. Written public comment on these rules will be accepted until 11 a.m. tomorrow and the meeting will be livestreamed. If approved, the emergency rules will be effective for three years or until permanent rules are established.