07/06/2020- Most people would consider it an accomplishment to get out for a run every day for a week, but what if you continued that every week for a year? And then every year for ten years? That’s the milestone one Peshtigo resident recently hit. Brian Cleven has run at least one mile every day for the past ten years. In fact, Cleven has put about 9300 miles under his feet over the past decade. He says the streak started following his completion of an Ironman race in 2010 and just kept going (and going) from there.

There’s a lot of life that happens over ten years, yet Cleven still managed to get a run in on holidays, during vacation, while he’s been sick, and even the day his daughter was born. He says whether your goals are wellness-related or otherwise, the keys to getting there are the same.

Cleven currently sits 288th on a nationwide list of running streaks.