For more than a year, the original exterior wall panels for Marinette’s Community REC Center have been sitting outside the City Garage and now the City is ready is either get some use or get some money out of them. As part of a settlement stemming from major construction issues with the REC Center, Marinette was able to retain the panels that were incorrectly installed at the facility and eventually had to be removed entirely. There’s more than 12000 lineal feet of the material, which the City thought they may be able to repurpose for a Fire Department garage, however, that project, too, took a different direction and the panels remain unused and exposed to the elements. City Engineer Brian Miller spoke to the Board of Public Works this week saying the longer it takes to decide what to do with the panels, the less they may be worth.

The BPW agreed that at this point, selling the panels is likely their best option, though it wasn’t determined if they should be auctioned off as a full lot or in smaller quantities. The Board ultimately passed a recommendation on to Common Council to put the panels up for sale and will leave up to that body to decide what the method of that sale will be and set a minimum price for the material.