08/21/2020- Although the coordinated international effort has ended, the M&M Area Community Foundation is continuing the work they started with the Great Lakes One Water partnership to bolster the resiliency of local water resources. The Resilient Future Project, which was born out of the MMACF’s involvement with GLOW, now operates as an ad hoc committee supporting action plans to protect the waters of the region including Lake Michigan and its tributaries. Much of that work centers on the discussion of runoff and other storm related impacts to Lake Michigan. Resilient Future Project member Stan Gruszynski says historically, water quality concerns have been viewed as “someone else’s problem,” with little attention being paid by those not directly impacted, but he says they’re working to change the conversation and citizen behavior surrounding these types of issues.

And, it appears those conversations are taking hold. Paula Gruszynski, Executive Director of the MMACF, says the decision to press on with the Resilient Future Project even after the Great Lakes One Water partnership ended was an easy one to make with the level of momentum the effort has already gained.

Recently, the Fund for Lake Michigan sent notification to the M&M Area Community Foundation that it will lend support and counsel to the Resilient Future Project. MMACF Board Vice President John Lee says that will make the initiative eligible for grant dollars and technical assistance related to their water preservation efforts.