Can sampling wastewater help predict COVID breakouts in a community?  The Wisconsin Department of Health Services thinks so.  The City of Marinette is among a number of cities across the state that have been sending samples to the state, as Warren Howard, Water/Wastewater Operations Manager explains the city sends in weekly samples and the state picks up all costs.

By testing wastewater, the state can measure the amount of the virus and see whether the levels are increasing or decreasing. This can be an early warning sign of increasing COVID-19 cases within a community.  There is a link to the state’s data on the Water/Wastewater Department page on the City of Marinette Website.  You can also see the data for other cities throughout the state.  There has been a downward trend in the Marinette measurements from the last three week, which corresponds to a decrease in the COVID-19 case rate in Marinette through December.