The purchase of dozens of new voting machines for Marinette County is a point of concern for some County Supervisors who aren’t sold on the machines’ reliability. The County ordered a total of 26 Dominion optical scan machines at no cost to tax payers through unspent Routes to Recovery money that was transferred to the County from individual municipalities, as well as grant funding. While those units have yet to arrive or be put to use, Supervisor Don Pazynski is already raising a red flag about reports of other states rejecting the machine and its software.

County Clerk Kathy Brandt and County Administrator John Lefebvre each researched the options for these new machines. Lefebvre says in many of the instances where complaints about inaccuracy have come to light, it was a result of user error, and at this point, he’s comfortable with the choice to acquire the units through Dominion.

The voting machines are expected to be delivered in the coming months and will be distributed among the County’s 25 individual districts. The machines likely won’t be operational until elections in the second half of 2021.