The Menominee Planning Commission has approved a Special Use Permit for the former Kmart building which will allow the building to be used for offices and warehousing for a 5 year period. Keith and Barbara Killen, owners of the nearby M&M Plaza, purchased the empty building to keep it under local control as the community looks at different uses for the property. Keith Killen says they are doing necessary maintenance on the property, and are looking for a tenant to bring in some income to offset those costs. Killen says under the current market conditions it was unlikely another retailer would be interested in the property, and asked for the Special Use Permit to allow the building to be used as a warehouse. The Planning Commission and city staff were concerned about making the Special Use Permanent, since it does not fit in with the city’s Master Plan for the property. Studies are underway on whether the property could eventually become a mixed-use development. Killen said he was comfortable with the 5 year limit for the Special Use Permit.